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I'm interested in learning/following the story of bean-to-bar startups. Can anyone point me to any blogs or exchanges here or elsewhere?

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Not yet...but as soon as I get the final sign-off to start selling bars the web-site will go live and I will be blogging about how I got to the start line!
Check this kid out:
I think Taza and Mast Brothers have blogs too.
Thanks - I enjoyed reading that
Rogue has some information on bean-to-bar.
Funny - I have the same equipment as Rogue Chocolatier!
Hi Drew!

We have a blog on our site:

And we are bean to bar.

Holy cacao batman! Timothy Childs is leaving Tcho! Crazy.
HI All
Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the links.
Seems to be that in USA/Canada at least, we may be at the tip of a bean-to-bar movement starting up, much as we've seen in the craft beer industry. Question is whether there is the market to support good, locally made, albeit expensive, chocolate.



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