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Here is a list of bean to bar makers. It is not a list of ethical companies or artisan chocolate makers. It simply means that these companies all make their chocolate all the way from raw cacao beans to the molded bar. This list is the result of an ongoing project conducted at 70%, where members maintain a discussion and make attempts to verify that each company on this list actually makes chocolate from raw beans. The reason for verification is that sometimes companies wish to sound hip and trendy and so they claim to be bean bar. The idea is to have some type of definitive list going of who actually makes chocolate from the bean for RETAIL (not solely commercial, industrial, sale).


Madecasse (Madagascar)
Claudio Corallo (São Tomé)
Divine Chocolate

Haigh's Chocolates
Tava (factory is currently not operational)



Barry Callebaut
Pierre Marcolini

TOMS Gruppen

Michel Cluizel

Ludwig Weinrich


Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Casa Don Puglisi

Cioccolato Peyrano


Chocovic (now owned by Barry Callebaut)

Malmö Chokladfabrik

Confiserie Berner

United Kingdom
Red Star 
Sir Hans Sloane
Willie's Cacao

North America

Soma Chocolatemaker

United States

Bittersweet Origins

Black Mountain Chocolate
Cacao Atlanta
Cacao Prieto 

Fresco Chocolate


Jacques Torres (no longer in production)
Lindt (not a US company)
Mast Brothers

Mindo Chocolate Maker
Nestle (technically not a US company)

Oakland Chocolate Company

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory
Patric Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

Rogue Chocolatier
Scharffen Berger

Snake and Butterfly


Latin America/ Caribbean
AMMA (Brazil)
Chocolates Condor (Bolivia)
Chocolates Para Ti(Bolivia)
Cooperativa Naranjillo (Peru)
Cotton Tree Chocolate (Belize)
Danta Chocolate (Guatemala)
El Castillo del Cacao (Nicaragua)
El Ceibo (Bolivia)
El Rey (Venezuela)
Fenix (Argentina)
Grenada Chocolate Company (Grenada)
Hacienda Bukare (Venezuela)
Kallari (Ecuador)
Momotombo Chocolate Factory (Nicaragua)
Pacari (Ecuador)
Rain Republic Chocolate (Guatemala)
Santander (Colombia)

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This site purports to sell raw organic Australian beans already.

Yeah, I saw that the other day too, don't know who those hippies are, I'll have to ask.
Unfortunately, the content of the site is so poorly written, edited, proofread, and fact-checked that it's self-marginalizing and comes off as very fringe - even farther out than most on this subject. It will be interesting to see how the business takes off.

I've found and Australian Certified Organic farm listed as producing Cocao in Killaloe QLD but as yet had no reply from them.



Qacao sounds to me like a lot of Quackery mixed with spiritual mumbo jumbo.

Is Bernard Castelain a bean-to-bar maker or a fondeur?  Their website is only in French and I don't read French.  I suspect that they're a fondeur but I don't currently have any evidence either way.  All I know is that their chocolate wrappers don't say anywhere that they are b2b.

I wonder if we ought to add Mindo, Snake and Butterfly, Potomac, Salazon, all newer US makers claiming to be b2b, but I have not exactly called them up to quiz them... Isn't there someone on this list also who says they make b2b, Oakland Chocolate Company?


This list is going to be getting so long as small b2b increase exponentially over the next years, so can I just add my grandma's home brew now?  She sells to her Mahjong club.

Thanks Casey.  I've added a few of those that I didn't have to my personal list of b2b companies.  I've got a list of 284 companies that are bean to bar, fondeurs, or some mixture.  Some I don't know what they are.
Is Vivani in Germany a bean to bar company?  I suspect that they are fondeurs, but I'd like to make sure.  I gleaned from their website that they are owned by Ludwig Weinrich, and marketed by their subsidiary EcoFinia GmbH.  They said that Weinrich has made chocolate for over 100 years, but they make no mention of actually being b2b.  In addition, my very low enjoyment of their dark chocolate (72% bar, my enjoyment rating = 2 out of 10.) makes me suspect that they didn't make it themself.  Does anyone have any more information about this?

I added those I mentioned in my reply just above to the master list, plus made made these and all the other newer additions hyperlinks. I have not added Salazon, as I'm slightly suspicious of this company.


For example, this from their FAQ


"Why don’t you make milk chocolate?
At Salazon we see chocolate as an energy food not candy, so we simply stay away from offering sweeter, more candy-like milk chocolate. "


And what is their chosen default percentage for this "dark" chocolate?  54%!!


But that may be too bitter for many, so


"However, we do understand that some people may want a touch more sweetness so we created our Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Organic Turbinado Sugar bar."


Also, there seems to be nothing on the website with any information on who these people are, not even their names, and no information about or photos of their chocolate making process. Except that they are the "Salazon Chocolate Co Team," which consists of "a group of us were on a backpacking trip to Utah."

Therefore, who knows who they are, or if they grasp "bean to bar" meaning.


btw, has anyone tried their chocolates? I see they are available at Whole Foods.


What about Vestri and Cacao Sampaka?


As far as I know, there are only claims that Vestri is tree to bar, in that they own their own plantation. But in the case of Sampaka, it seems to me I've heard both claims that they are bean to bar, and claims to the contrary.

Hi Guys, I guess we can also add Ananda Chocolate to this list? The Bio/FT arriba cacao bar dressed in a home compostable foil... 100% produced in country of origine, being Ecuador. Ananda Chocolate


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