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Here is a list of bean to bar makers. It is not a list of ethical companies or artisan chocolate makers. It simply means that these companies all make their chocolate all the way from raw cacao beans to the molded bar. This list is the result of an ongoing project conducted at 70%, where members maintain a discussion and make attempts to verify that each company on this list actually makes chocolate from raw beans. The reason for verification is that sometimes companies wish to sound hip and trendy and so they claim to be bean bar. The idea is to have some type of definitive list going of who actually makes chocolate from the bean for RETAIL (not solely commercial, industrial, sale).


Madecasse (Madagascar)
Claudio Corallo (São Tomé)
Divine Chocolate

Haigh's Chocolates
Tava (factory is currently not operational)



Barry Callebaut
Pierre Marcolini

TOMS Gruppen

Michel Cluizel

Ludwig Weinrich


Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Casa Don Puglisi

Cioccolato Peyrano


Chocovic (now owned by Barry Callebaut)

Malmö Chokladfabrik

Confiserie Berner

United Kingdom
Red Star 
Sir Hans Sloane
Willie's Cacao

North America

Soma Chocolatemaker

United States

Bittersweet Origins

Black Mountain Chocolate
Cacao Atlanta
Cacao Prieto 

Fresco Chocolate


Jacques Torres (no longer in production)
Lindt (not a US company)
Mast Brothers

Mindo Chocolate Maker
Nestle (technically not a US company)

Oakland Chocolate Company

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory
Patric Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

Rogue Chocolatier
Scharffen Berger

Snake and Butterfly


Latin America/ Caribbean
AMMA (Brazil)
Chocolates Condor (Bolivia)
Chocolates Para Ti(Bolivia)
Cooperativa Naranjillo (Peru)
Cotton Tree Chocolate (Belize)
Danta Chocolate (Guatemala)
El Castillo del Cacao (Nicaragua)
El Ceibo (Bolivia)
El Rey (Venezuela)
Fenix (Argentina)
Grenada Chocolate Company (Grenada)
Hacienda Bukare (Venezuela)
Kallari (Ecuador)
Momotombo Chocolate Factory (Nicaragua)
Pacari (Ecuador)
Rain Republic Chocolate (Guatemala)
Santander (Colombia)

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Is Neuhaus from Belgium bean to bar? It seems like they would be, but I'm not sure how to tell or how even how to find out.
Neuhaus is a Callebaut customer and not a bean to bar company.
I can confirm this.

You said on 4/28/08-- "I have created a simple database that will enable us to track these companies more easily. It is located here.

PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY MORE COMPANY NAMES HERE. Please add them in the database. If you have added a company to this list, please consider making an entry in the database for it."

Is this database still on TCL? The link you provided doesn't go anywhere, and I can't find anything else to get to the database.
Is Dagoba a bean-to-bar company?

On the Trader Joe's 72% thread Andrea said of the TJ 72%, "Don't think it's Barry Callebaut organic. (Which is the Dagoba bar.)"

I'm reviewing a Dagoba bar at the moment, so I'd like to know if Dagoba is a fondeur who uses Callebaut organic? Or are they bean-to-bar since they used to sell couverture? I always like to know where the chocolate comes from.
Last I heard, Dagoba buys their beans pre-roasted (but this was pre-hershey). This is why Theo is very careful with their wording as the "only roaster of organic cocoa beans in the US."

So while they work from the bean, it's not the raw bean.
Is Endangered Species a bean-to-bar company or a fondeur?
Here are two statements that I've gleaned about ESC:

From the inside of the wrapper, "We only buy cacao grown in the natural shade of rich, diverse forests."

From the blog and FAQs on their website, "Endangered Species Chocolate sources our cacao for our all-natural milk and dark chocolate bars from small, family-owned farms in Nigeria"

These statements lead one to believe that they are a bean-to-bar company, but I'm still not sure. They could also be nuanced so that they merely give that impression.

What do you think?
For what it is worth, I saw a video online about ESC that included a trip through their plant and there wasn't one single shot of cacao, roasting, winnowing, grinding or conching--only molding and packaging. It isn't final proof, but it might add to one's skepticism:
They say in the video that you can tour the factory, so if you are in or near Indianapolis, IN, that would be a possibility.

Also, feel free to email the company. If they are bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers, and you ask some direct questions, they should certainly be able to answer them without any hesitation or oddly worded responses that just add to the confusion.
I don't think that saying that they know how their cacao is sourced is in conflict with them NOT being bean to bar. There are a lot of companies that outsource stuff that requires huge specialized machinery and large amounts of space. They can still be very involved with the cacao selection process - they just have someone else winnow & roast and possibly go so far as to have someone deliver it as liquor. (Hershey's is no longer bean to bar on all their products.)
Huh. What about Caffarel? TSOR leaves it ambiguous. They talk about cocoa, not cacao, though that could be translation issues, but at the same time their site also says "In the main building - a hallowed hall of fine chocolate making - the processes that are performed include roasting, mixing, refinement and conching"
Hello. I see you put us on the list of Bean to Bar makers.. Thank you. Yes indeed we make chocolate from the beans we buy directly from cooperatives and individual farmers here in Nicaragua. We roast and peal the cacao, then mill it with sugar ending in very full tasting chocolate bars. The nice thing about being so close to the farmers is that you get very interesting variaties. I have seen at least 25 types of cacao in our area.

We have contacts with some bean to bar chocolate makers and export small quantaties of cacao (starting at 200lbs) to the USA and Europe. We also train cacao farmers how to make chocolate using their own cacao with local technology. Lets hope we get some more bean to bar makers in this world..


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