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Good day all , 

We are in the process of putting together the only bean to bar processing in South Africa. 

I will be traveling to Scotland, London and Florida in January 2011 between the 9th and the 20th and would like to know if anybody would be willing for me to come and visit your chocolate making facilities and spend a day with you to see how its done! 

I will be going on a roasting course with Ambex roasting company in Clearwater FL. They say that these coffee roasting machines are able to roast cocoa and nuts with some adjustments to the machine.  Has anybody ever used these machines?

Looking forward to hearing and meeting with you


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Hi Karlien,
You could probably call in and see my small bean-to-bar facility in England. It's 4 hours by train from London though, on the Lincolnshire coast.
That would be great, Thank you Duffy.

Where exactly is it located? Im looking at travelling options.

Thanks again.
Hi Karlien, Great to have yo on board. Tony
Hi Tony,

My apologies for not being clear in the previous post.

We will be the only doing it on the scale that we are setting up as and the only one doing it organically. As far as my research shows there might be others doing it out of their kitchen and on a smaller scale.

We are also a social company so all profits go back into social development etc.

Maybe not the first or the only doing it, but the first and only of our kind :) should help. I read somewhere that they are only to please to demo their equipment..... and they are in florida. There you go. T
I really don’t know about this. You can use the internet to find here many places in Africa who use these machines.


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