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Hello everyone, This is my first post after months of following the site. I am interested in opening a Bean to Bar chocolate company and I would like to know if anyone has used Jafinox bean to bar machinery? I'm looking to produce about 300 kg to 500kg chocolate a day.


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I've never used them, but they appear to have been purchased by Duyvis, which is a very well established company i've used for decades.  if you post the specific pieces of equipment you're looking at and what you'd like them to do, we could perhaps comment in greater detail.

JAF Inox is a Brazilian company that was recently purchased by Duyvis-Wiener, as Sebastian pointed out. 

One of the things that this has done is to increase the price of the machines significantly, at least outside of Brazil - the other thing it has done is extended the delivery times as well. 

There are many ways to produce chocolate in the 300-500kg per day range you mention. There are big differences in price as well as the amount of integration (materials handling) that is and can be done. So, Sebastian is right - we need to know more about what you want to do, the equipment you are looking at, and your budget, to be able to offer more informed opinions.

The quote was from Duyvis. They told me they acquired the company about two months ago. I am sure the price will be higher now than just from a manufacturer from Brazil. I have tried to do as much research but the sizes are much more smaller. I don't mind paying a couple of grands more for a good machinery. My plan is to supply our local pastry chefs, artisan chocolatiers, pâtisseries, restaurants, caterers and hotels a premium line of single origin and blended chocolates. In the mean while I could set up my chocolate shop. 

Semira -

I have seen quotes of US$500,000 to over US$1,000,000 for complete lines from European manufacturers for production in this daily amount. 

On the other hand, I have seen workshops with 500kg/day production where the investment in equipment is under $300,000 - so we're talking a lot more than a couple of thousands of dollars.

The reason why I said a couple of thousand is because of The quote that I received has prices for each step and the price compared from others could be a couple of thousand difference. I already have a quote around 250,000euro so I do understand what you mean.

Without revealing the price of the machines, can you provide links to pages where the equipment that has been quoted to you can be seen for us to evaluate?

sorry for the delay I just saw this message. The machine they quoted me was a lab scale bean to bar.



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