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I went to the Ritz the other night to watch a movie in Philadelphia.  Afterwards, my friends and I were trying to find a place to hang out.  We popped in this Belgian pub, and when we discovered it was seriously overcrowded, they told us about their sister bar called Beneluxx.  It was off the beaten path (therefore less crowded), but well worth the venture. 


When I first walked in, there was a distinct cheese scent.  I was a little concerned, because I didn't expect a bar to smell like that.  Turns out that this place doesn't just specialize in fine beer, but wine, cheese, and best of all, chocolate!


I was suspicious, because I've been tricked before by places like MB's, so I started paying close attention.  They offered fondue (which I also was unsure about).  But when I asked for the "chocolate menu", I discovered this was for real!  There were blends of chocolates from all over the world, with descriptions like wine tasters would write.


I ordered a spicy hot chocolate (which had too much spice for me, but that doesn't mean it had a lot).  When it was delayed coming out, the waitress brought me a plate of their chocolates.  Since I don't drink alcohol, I was thrilled!


I started to taste the chocolates, and I was very impressed.  They had beautiful shine, crisp break, smooth texture and three dimensional flavor. 


What a great place!  Usually I only go to a bar because that's where my friends want to hang out.  This is a place I really want to return to!  If you're in the Philly area, I think you'll like it.

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