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Can anyone recommend a sturdy box that can be used for Internet sales? And should you use boxes that have candy trays or can you use candy cups? Thanks. I'm new to shipping

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Hi Valerie,

I would recommend checking out the boxes at Chocolat Chocolat in Quebec. Putting your chocolate bon bons in a candy tray with a candy pad on top of the confections is the safest way for your bon bons to arrive safely. I would just be sure that your bon bons are designed to fit the candy tray. Good luck!




Thanks Daniel.

Hi Valerie,

Pick out the candy boxes you like and fit your brand, then go to ULine or another shipping supplies store and find sturdy boxes to ship your candy boxes in. This is much cheaper than buying the boxes at your shipping store in your city. Uline has many different dimensions and they hold up in shipping well. Also Daniel is right, make sure to include the candy trays and candy pads in your candy boxes, this helps a great deal in shipping. Candy cups help too!

Thanks so much! I bought the candy boxes, candy trays and candy cups. I also ordered ice packs and bubble wrap. I was thinking of doing a couple of trial runs using USPS since they offer flat rate shipping which includes the box. Any comments on that?

Sometimes the Flat Rate Shipping is great, depending on what you are sending. But if your items are smaller and weigh less than a pound, you may want to look into sending it regular mail because it can by way cheaper! I send my 4 pc truffle boxes out for $2.60 using the post office and my own boxes (cost of box included in that #) Another issue is the weight of the ice packs, they can add a lot of price to the shipping, so sometimes the flat rate boxes are good for that. It just depends on the weight of your boxes and how much you are shipping. You have to figure out the balance. During the holiday season I found that the flat rate priority mail boxes had the same shipping time as regular mail, items were arriving 4 days after the estimated time on the receipt for priority mail. So sometimes looking into getting a fedex acct is just the same or cheaper, and def. more reliable.

Another item - using bubble wrap is great but think about adding some nice touches, i use paper shred in all my boxes and it looks a lot better than bubble wrap and is probably cheaper, they come in 20lb boxes and last for many mailings and are good for other things like gift baskets and other decor accents.

Happy Friday!

Thanks so much for ALL that great information!!! You are a wealth of knowledge, and it's so nice that you are willing to share it.


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