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I'm a new candy maker and am entirely self-taught in regards to chocolate.  My business is not chocolate focused, but I do use chocolate to drizzle over the candies that I make.  I'm currently using a Rev Delta temperer, with a ladle to fill squeeze bottles for drizzling.  The problem is that my hands are going to give out after squeezing bottle after bottle to do one batch after another.  Does anyone know of a chocolate tool, trick or ANYTHING that is easier than the squeeze bottle?  My fingers are beginning to lock-no joke!  I need a pretty uniform drizzle, so a wire whisk doesn't work for my purposes.  I'm hoping there's a heavier duty piece of equipment that will work for larger batches?  I'm imagining a gun with tube and pump that connects to my temperer, but as far as I can tell such a thing does not exist for drizzling purposes.  I'm really small time, in business less than a year, and that should tell you what I can budget--not much, but I'm hoping to save up if there's something that will work, even if it's a little expensive.

Any help is appreciated, this is my first post and I really enjoy the community and all the helpful things people write.


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Piping bag?

That looks interesting!  I might have to check it out.  Thank you!


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