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Who do you think is the best female chocolatier you've met. Most seem to be men and I am curious who you would count amoung the top ten females out there!

As I understand it, a chocolatier is someone who makes confectionery from chocolate. Chocolatiers are distinct from chocolate makers, who create chocolate from cacao beans and other ingredients.


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Fran Bigelow has done well for herself and her patrons :)
Found her: She is the long-time owner of Fran’s Chocolates Ltd., located in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, which also operates a large mail-order business at

From what I've read, Fran is considered one of the finest chocolatiers in the country and makes makes European-style chocolates.
April Heaton !!

Branson Missouri, beautiful new shop, excellent chocolates. Pure artistry.
Keys Chocolates in NYC.

Do you mean Kee from Kee's Chocolates?
Kee's amazing.
Andre, Yes, Kee from Kee's chocolates.
Oriol Balaguer in a dress?
I could be missing it here, but isn't Oriel Bal aguer a guy? Trying to restrict the conversation to the best FEMALES. But, then good chocolate is good chocolate. :)

Note to self, take it easy on the Sangria at the next El Bulli alum party.
Well the last time I was over in Spain, I couldn't get in because the place was packed. I hear it is always packed in season. Had to make my own Sangria. So, unfortuanately, I am not an El Bulli alum.
Elizabeth Montes of Sahagun Handmade Chocolates (Portland, OR).
Good to see that a few of you recognize brilliance when you taste and see it. I for one will be happy to check out the individuals you've mentioned.



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