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Just curious what is the best way people have found to melt down the cacao butter without the use of water or a microwave? 

Just looking to elongate the life of my grinders and I would rather it go in as a liquid than a solid!

Thank you so much!

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Oven, lowest setting.
Right on the cooktop - don't leave it unattended though. It melts quickly. I usually remove it when about half is melted and swirl it until the rest melts.

Yep, I put mine in a saucepan and melt over a gas cooker/flame.

And this wont burn it? Just put it on the lowest setting like Adam said for in the oven? I am more or less looking for efficiency and this may be quicker? I will have to try both I suppose!

So let it melt half way then pult it off and let it finish so it doesnt burn on the lowest setting?

I let it melt 95% and pull it off. Never burnt it.
So if I am using an electric stove top and a sauce pan just the lowest setting probably?
I have mine on medium high and stir constantly. It melts quick. Just take it off when almost done.

it has a melting point of 90 degrees. you can shave the desired amount from the block so it is very thin and will melt easily.

use a double boiler or a dehydrator

That's a good point - I always chop mine before melting or use Mycryo which is in powdered form.


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