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Today we had a group of cacao growers from Santo Domingo, Ecuador.  The discussion was about how they get paid.  Typically growers take their cacao to centers where they sell their cacao.  They said that they get paid the same price for Nacional (fine aroma cacao), than they get paid for CCN-51, the clone that is taking over both Peru and Ecuador.  It also doesn't matter whether they ferment their beans or not, or if they put monilla(rotten cacao) along with good cacao.  What they are looking for is a partner in countries that process the cacao into chocolate and are willing to buy the good cacao for a higher price than CCN-51 or cacao that has not been selected.

As a group, we should find a solution for these farmers, we need to let them know that if they produce excellent cacao, they should get paid a higher price.  That way the heirloom varieties can be preserved.


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Joseph hope to meet with you soon in Mindo.  I am working within an ethical and direct trade model, and there is a lot of work to be done in this area.  A huge potential as well.  Glad to know there are more of us around.
Joseph and Lourdes glad to hear you are doing great things in Ecuador. I look forward to learning more. It is great to be connected with folks taking on similar projects!
Very nice, working toward the same in the Dominican Republic.  I like the website.
Thanks Thomas! Best of luck with your work in the DR. Where in the DR are you focused?
I am working with an area where my wife was born named Jaya, near San Francisco de Macoris.  I worked in the area up the mountain from Loma de Jaya to La Colonia in the Peace Corps in the late 80's mostly working with solar electricity.  I also work with another women cooperative in Los Naranjos near Castillo which was my original Peace Corps site.  Both or making chocolate paste, marmalade, cacao wine, and working toward bonbons and other products.
That's a beautiful area - I'm there fairly regularly.  Perhaps we'll cross paths sometime!


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