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I'm getting close to launching my chocolate brand and I'm struggling with labels right now. Are there any tips for accommodating differing ingredients and weights by box? I'd like to print the labels in bulk to save on cost, but I don't want to be stuck into a certain flavor combination dictated by my ingredient label, and while my boxes fit a standard number of pieces, depending on what those pieces are the weights vary. I'm in MA and have tried reaching out to the state's regulating authority on this, but haven't been able to get through. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Although the up-front costs can be higher than getting someone else to print labels for you, consider a label printing machine.

You can get label stock that fits your boxes and literally print only exactly the quantity you need. Zero waste.

You can create a basic template that you use over and over again, and then make variations for specific boxes.

In the end, you can save a lot of money this way and even open up corporate/gifting options with custom labels with your customers' logos. Most machines are not too much larger than a multi-function printer/copier/fax machine.
Thank you Clay. Do you have any suggestions for high quality label printers?
I agree with Clay. By printing your own labels you get much more control and flexibility as you are starting up. Here are two of the higher-end label-printers I know of:
There are probably more though.
We print some of our own labels in black & white from a regular canon printer, and get our blank labels from Using a good "regular" printer works too.
Should you go a different route, you can get an online quote for short-run printed labels from They are cheap (for short runs), easy, fast & great quality. As long as the labels are the same size, you can have several variations with very little additional costs since they do everything digitally and there are no plate fees, etc...
hope this helps.

Do the label printers also print bar codes?  I'm starting to work with a few corporate clients, and I think they're going to want some sort of bar coding to enter my product into their systems.
Yes, they can - if it's part of the design. There are a number of on-line barcode generators. If you need real UPC codes and numbers you have to purchase the UPC codes. One you have them (they are supplied digitally), any printer can print them.
Thanks so much for this info Clay and Deanna!  I am also struggling to figure out how to proceed with labeling for my product and will definitely explore this possibility.


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