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OK, I am a newby  FNG you might say.  I am almost done fermenting my first approximately 15 kilos of beans.  They did not reach the 45 degrees C suggested (Highest temp so far 34.6 degrees C).  I just whipped up a fermentation box with holes in the bottom, banana leaves perf on bottom and on all sides.  I had a web sight with the correct size to make the fermentation boxes (a manual from Viet Nam on cocoa processing) but it is off the internet now.  Does anyone know the correct size to make boxes for fermentation?  I think for 25 kilos would be what I need....or less.

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Note that when i mention consistency, i'm referring to wildly different each and every time; not so much exactly the same each time (which is almost impossible).  It has less to do with size (remember that even the largest chocolate companies in the world rely on, by and large, individual farmers fermenting, which by definition is small scale).  Small fermentations will vary considerably in moisture, fat, flavor, etc profiles i'm afraid.

look forward to hearing how it goes.


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