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Brainstorming Chocolate bars to Pair with Espresso

Good afternoon all, I hope today finds you well.  I have a relatively simple question that I need some chocophiles to help me ponder.
  I am trying to help a friend pair his espresso with a chocolate for a competition he is in in a few weeks.  The espresso is a blend of Ethiopian beans that have a wonderful expression of red-fruits in the cup with a finish that has a lingering woodsy note (reminiscent of cacao nibs).  In trying to make the red-fruit notes pop he is looking for an unflavored, preferably single-origin, chocolate that has notes of ginger or anise. Notes of citrus and/or spice are the goal.  However, I noticed that dominant tart berry or red-fruit notes in the chocolate overwhelm the berry in the cup.

What are some of your favorite bars that have notes of citrus and ginger without much acidity?  All help is appreciated.

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Amano Dos Rios is wild and crazily fruity, with hardly any acidity. However, while he says bergamot, which would be a citrus on the label, I feel it is dominated by more of a blueberry taste.
There's an underlying chord of soft hoilday spice in the Dos Rios, too. So, Nick, you might have a good suggestion in Matt's because I can get crazy good tastes of star anise and cloves in the DR.
Actually, a couple of the Amedei single origins just might do it. Try Grenada and Jamaica. They both display woodsy, spiced notes. Though the Grenada has more of medicinal (in a good way) finish. The Jamaica plays sweeter on my palate, the way a dark rum would. Try that and let me know. In fact, you should invite me over for a cup.


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