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Dear friends,


Creative help needed!. I'm from Ukraine. Some times ago we have discovered this amazing and fascinating hobby, that now has been slowly but surely transformed into a small business.

We produce different kinds of bars, barks and truffles. All the clients we had before were our family members and friends. Now however we want to present our products at the local market via internet shop (in development)

And we've faced difficulties naming our brand. We've been searching on the Internet for a good, sound, associative, creative and not a navie name but still no good solution found.

 We think that it should be short name, as we want to join it with the bar (truffles) name later on.

 We would be greatly appreciated to this nice site community for any suggestion in that matter.


 Kind Regards


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Hi Larry;

I think I can be of assistance here.  Believe it or not, the difficulty is not coming up with the brand.  That will appear in due time.  The difficulty is in defining the brand, and this is something that takes a LOT of forward thinking - thinking that will conceptually take your product places you haven't even though of yet, and many years into the future.


There are many questions that need to be answered before the "brand" as you call it reveals itself to you - questions such as:

1.  What are all the products you are going to offer?

2.  Are you going to remain artisinal, or are you going to grow into many locations?

3.  If you grow, are you planning on franchising, or owning all of the stores?

4.  What message do you want to convey to your customers most, and how can that message be conveyed in less than 5 seconds?

5.  What are your competitors doing?

6.  How are you different than your competitors?

7.  Where in the market are you positioning your products?  High end?  Mid-priced?  Value priced?

8.  What kind of budget do you have for art work and branding?

9.  Has one of your competitors already done something similar?

10.  What fonts and color schemas are you settling on?

11. Do any of your competitors use the same, or similar fonts and colors?

12.  Once you settle on a few, you may need to do trademark research too.

13.  Then... after doing all of that homework, do some initial creative, and run it by a group of 10-20 people you know who will give you HONEST feedback.  It's easy getting flattering feedback from friends, as nobody wants to hurt your feelings.  Ask them what they don't like, as it's more important than what they DO like.


I cannot stress enough, the importance of THOROUGHLY answering these questions, when planning and researching your brand.  I did 3 years of research on my brand "Choklat" and corporate image before sending a single piece of artwork off to a printer.


There isn't a single person out there in ChocolateLife Land who can give you the answer to your question here, because they don't know the answers to these questions.  Any answer you get that you like will be as likely as winning a lottery.


I hope this helps.



Hi Brad,

Thank you  for such a comprehensive answer. 

I completely agree with you that process of "branding" itself could take a lot of time and effort. And your "homework question" are not the least evidences of your words.

We will definitely carry out this work. And it definitely takes some (maybe a tangible amount of time). But we should start our activity  - by presenting our products on our website and among some social network groups. So, probably we should invent something quickly and then, maybe, change this name to one we will figure out (the names that have been spinning in our heads now is something like "Just. Chocolate" "Choco. Late" "Late. Choco" "Another Chocolate"

BTW, your brand name "Chocolat" is equal to a Russian pronunciation of Chocolate.  :-) 




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