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Hi! My name is Esteban, from Argentina. I decided to post this discussion because I'd like to know if it is possible to apply lacca or something to improve the brightness on chocolate.

I attache this image as an example of what I'm looking for. I bought this chocolate, and I can sure you that it hasn't photoshop.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!



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yes it's possible :)

Thanks Rene! Any brand do you recomend or another alternative than lacca? Thanks again!

To me that just looks like well tempered chocolate

Do you think? I mean, here in Argentina is the only I have so shiny. I bought chocolate on the 3 or 4 most famous shops and no one shine like that.

Because of this I think they apply some glaze or shellac.

good moulds and they apply the first layer with finger or bruch or spraygun :)

Hi There,

no need for lacca of sort, just put a very  thin layer of tempered chocolate, or cocoa butter (better if airbrushed) and then layered the second time as normal.

Of course chocolate quality, condition of tempering, storage and handling can destroy the 'shininess" easily.

Yes, all you need is well tempered couverture and as someone has already pointed out, you should first 'skim' the mold with a layer of tempered chocolate or coca butter spray before making your shells.  Most chocolatiers don't do this because it adds time to the process, but that is essentially how you get the shine - we use our fingers to apply the very thin coat when not spraying, as it helps avoid over-crystallization of the chocolate (when it gets too much movement) which is easy to do with a brush.

all the best making chocolate,

- Stu

Guys, thanks a lot!!! I will try with cocoa butter. Just let me make a couple of questions, please. Should I wait that the cocoa butter dry before making the shaells?

The second question is in reference of moulds. Nobody in Argentina makes polycarbonate moulds. Do you know any manufacture that makes customs polycarbonate moulds?

Again, thaks all for your help!!

contact chocolate form (  they can assist you..Policarb mold are expensive BUT is an investment. they last forever.

I'm curious as to why this extra thin layer of chocolate will create a superior shine?

because this gives to the chocolate crystals extra movement and boosts proper crystallization what is the base of nice sheen ;-)

did it work? :)


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