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I'm looking to find a chocolate company where I can purchase both bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder. I want it to be certified by a third party organization such as transfair, Rainforest Alliance, etc, or if not know that the company sources it's chocolate in an ethical and socially responsible manner. That being said I do not want to sacrifice quality to achieve the above. I'm also somewhat price sensitive as I'm using the chocolate and cocoa as a raw ingredient in my company's product(brownies) that we sell to retail stores, but hopefully my volume will allow for possible lower pricing. I'm open to any and all possible solutions so that I can get high quality, FT chocolate & cocoa powder into my product. We are a socially responsible and have been searching high and low for a product that fits our needs and budget. Any suggestions?



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products: bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder

amount: 200-400lbs chocoalte and 100lbs pwdr at a time

timeline: tbd

delivery: to my plan in PA and net 30

Anything else let me know



Check your distributor of Belcolade chocolate. They carry some organic Fair Trade certified couverture in bulk.

Hi Todd,

I rep for Felchlin on the West Coast. We carry their 74% Organic in bulk rondo. Felchlin has very high human rights standards, well above FairTrade levels. Please check out for more info. Please let me know if I can be of any help.


Cheers, David



I'm always interested in new organic products. You can  reach me at I checked out the website, nice. Can you  send me some product info and pricing, please?




Thanks for bringing up an interesting point. The whole idea of Fairtrade (or Fair Trade) is that there is an independent agency who vouches for the practices of the actors in the supply chain.

While I know Felchlin very well (and happen to be the person who introduced the owner of the Hacienda Elvesia where the beans for the 74% Cru Hacienda are sourced to Felchlin) and I can similarly vouch for their standards when it comes to bean sourcing, at the consumer level (not at the level of the truly knowledgeable chocolate professional) people are looking for the Fairtrade (or "Fair" trade) certification so they don't have to think.

So while you and I may know what Felchlin's practices mean, the consumer wants to see the logo and no matter how hard you try to convince them that it doesn't apply - they won't listen. They need to see the logo.

Of course, it's because they don't have to think that the value of the certification is so easily undermined, but that's another issue.

:: Clay

@Clay - Nice to meet you - great backstory.


Yes, I deal with that issue on a daily basis. Most folks just don't want to know the details, and I have to sometimes force myself to not become the "Grim Reaper of TMI." 


@Glenn be in touch later tonight.


Cheers, David


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