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I use a lot of transfer sheets to make cracked transfer slabs and am looking around to see if there is anyone else I should be trying.

I buy mine from Keylink in Sheffield and PCB Creation from France but the latter is proving v expensive because of taxes and carriage. 

Does anyone have any recommendations of other suppliers and how much they cost per pack.

Thought about maybe getting some from America but no idea where to start!

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US sources for transfer sheets include:

Many other sources are going to be reselling PCB, etc. Sourcing from the US might not be such a bad idea as the Pound is so much stronger than the USD at the moment. Plus, there are probably going to be some designs you won't find in the stock European catalogs.



Thanks Clay - I'll go take a look and compare with current charges from PCB. 

Many thanks



Here's another option for you....


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