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Hi there,

Anybody out there heard of, or know of, any wine or beer drinks that are made from or with cacao that are available in the US? 

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Ash -

One of the projects I am working on is Solbeso - the world's first distilled beverage made from 100% fresh cacao fruit juice. We're registered for sale in NY, FL, and CA and ship to most states. It's 40% ABV, not 5-12% which is what a wine or beer would be, but it is very tasty. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you contact info for how to purchase.

:: Clay

Hey there clay. That sounds like exactly what we are looking for! would love to get the contact info for that one. It would be great to get our hands on any other drinks you might know of too such as the black inca beer I noticed pictures of as well. 

The Black Inca beer is from Australia and you can contact ChocolateLife member Igor van Gerwen about getting some. We're registered for sale in California, so I need to connect to figure out how you can order. I will get back to you.


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