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Hola to all living the la vida cocoa, 

Although this discussion title would be appropriate for fascinating debate about the positive/negative implications of cacao/chocolate on health, the short comings of the Harkin-Engel  Protocol, or whether or not there is sufficient phenylethylamine (PEA) in chocolate to reproduce the sense of well being we enjoy when we are in love. These conundrums are more specific and personal (although new insight or information into to the aforementioned debates would be welcome). 

My conundrums are as follows;

  1. Is sourcing fine flavour cacao beans possible for anyone with the inclination/desire or are these sources kept like some sort of secret? 
  2. If you import cacao beans or cacao nibs into the U.K do you have to pay an import tax or handling fee?
  3. Where is the best place in the U.K to source molds for chocolate bars and shapes?

Thanks in advance to the benevolent and knowledgeable memebers of this great chocolaty community. 

Joseph Davies

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Hi Joseph,


Not sure about the first two questions but, answering the third one,  three places you could have a look at are Keylink, Vantage House and Home Chocolate Factory. If you are going to order quite a lot of them, try contacting the original companies that make them. I contacted an Italian one and saved £200 in a £600 order compared to buying them from their distributors in the UK.


Have you find any wet grinders yet in the UK? I am also looking for one at the moment.




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