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Hello!  I was wondering if anyone has any contacts of cacao growers in Columbia or know of groups making some good chocolate there? (I am afraid my knowledge of Colombian cacao is less than desirable which I will have to rectify)  I have a student of mine who sill be going back for a visit and is an agronomist who would like to visit some plantations and see what is happening on the cacao front in his home country.  As well as try some Colombian cacao.

 I thought I would check on this forum to see if anyone has any recommendations?

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I've been in Columbia last july to
And also Josè Amilcar Delgado He don't agree to fedecacao and her beans are very good:
That is great! Thanks Giovanni, I will forward those to my friend and ask him to look for them.


You might try to contact these people too:
and Santander from Colombia as well is one of my favorite daily chocolate bars:
would be worth looking up.
Thanks Nat! That is great, I will send those along.




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