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Love this site. Love the forum. I've amassed a decent collection of texts recommended on this site and other chocolate geeks, but find that I'd like to discover more about cacao.


Specifically, maps. I'm a sucker for cartography and am wondering if there is an Atlas of sorts detailing the cacao growing regions of the world. If such a thing isn't available, what other options are there for me to take a good look at these regions -- their elevations, soil content, etc.? Such things have been easier to source in the wine world, so I'm hoping that such is the case with cacao.


Obviously, it need not be bound in a book. Online references are fine. I am looking to literally visualize these places I have yet to visit each time I taste a bar and associate terroir with appropriate factors.


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you, Maria.
Unfortunately, I can't see the map since my computer doesn't support ClipFile documents. Do you have another version?
I´m sorry. I got this from a pdf, much bigger doc. I´m trying to get it right for you.
The New Taste of Chocolate by Maricel Presilla has a lovely map. Page 32 is a world map of cocoa's disbursed cultivation.
It is lovely :) One of the few around, at least, what I've come across.
This are some maps I got


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