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I aM looking for a really colorful hi res iMage of a pile of cacao pods, horizontal orientation, to use for a Mural. Would like Multi-color pods. Ok if one is open, or background is leaves etc. I have looked on stock photo sites but the one pic I found I liked , the pods were probably a week old and blackened-not as bright as I'd like.

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Have you tried doing a google image search for "cacao pods?" I just did one and set the results to "large images" and saw a few "pile" pictures. I don't know if you have to worry about copyright issues though, since google returns all images, copyrighted or not.

good luck!

This cocoa pod picture is an example of a picture i found (Google picture search, advanced option , commercial use allowed). It's probably not what you are looking for but can be used for free:
Wikimedia Cocoa Pod picture!
thanks, thats a nice shot but I need a pile of colorful pods, not just yellow.
If you're in no big hurry I need to visit both my cacao suppliers here in Guatemala before October. I'll ask if they can have a pile ready to be photographed with a nice background.
thanks Cheebs, I need it before OCT and I think Koa Kahili of Garden Islae Choc has the perfect picture.
Hope you have a great trip!
In Michael & Sophie Coe's book "The True History of Chocolate" (second edition) there is a fabulous photo of pods of different colors on page 89.
Pods a plenty..... no copyright, I took it. Enjoy


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