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We use a great cacao powder but its grind is not fine enough.
We use about 20 kg over a week period.
Can anyone recommend machinery to correct the grind of the cacao powder.

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I am def watching your show

We don't use cocoa butter. Nor have I ever said we did! We use "cacao powder" which the two Australian suppliers we have bought it from claim is "raw" organic and fair trade.

You are off topic, condescending, rude and potentially libellous and I'm surprised this site allows trolls to continue posting un censored.

You're right about my reference to cocoa butter.  However, everything else I say is accurate, unless you would like to prove otherwise.


The nice thing about an online forum is that it enables exchange - certainly an exchange that allows you to dismiss my observations.


Go ahead and please do.





Tom.  I'm not upset.  I'm just pointing out things that I see.


Having said that, I would LOVE to have IceBlocks explain the relevance of "raw" and "cold pressed" when it applies to either cocoa butter OR cocoa powder, when the process of pasteurization nullifies that by bringing the temperature of the product in excess of 165 degrees F for several minutes - far above what people find acceptable for "raw" food.


After all, we're ALL about sharing here.  Right?

>it's highly doubtful that you even have a clue if it's fair trade or organic!

We have copies of the organic certifications...

>the guy who misleads people

In what way? By saying we buy cold pressed cacao powder from reputable suppliers...

>Either Iceblocks is lying about HACCP,
>OR Iceblocks is lying about his cocoa butter being cold pressed. 

Because the suppliers claim its raw, before combining with other pasteurized products, the powder must be pasteurized. That is actually a HACCP critical control step.
We don't use cocao butter. What a burk.

What's highly doubtful is your ability to comprehend English or intellectually understand. What is unquestionable is your condescending rudeness

Now can we get back on topic

The point that I'm getting at is that as it applies to your original question, who cares if it's "fair trade, organic cold pressed"??? These qualities whether true or not are irrelevant.  It's just cocoa powder, yet you seemed to feel it important to qualify it for some reason.


If cocoa powder is "fair trade" does that make the particle size different?  Nope.


If the cocoa powder is "organic", does that make the particle size different?  Nope.


If it's "cold pressed" (even IF you can prove that claim which I don't believe you can), does that make the particle size different?  Nope again.


Particle size is directly related to the milling of the press cake after the valuable cocoa butter is extracted. 

I fully understand the English Language, and fully understand that the adjectives you added to the noun were irrelevant to begin with, and mislead people into believing it is something which it isn't, when what most cocoa powder really is, is a by-product of extracting cocoa butter from beans that nobody wants to make into chocolate.


You can call me names all you want, because that's all you have.  You can provide NO valuable or substantiable information which refutes what I claim.

But then again, what do I know, I wasn't on the debate team in school.  I was busy being a dumb jock.



You don’t have a point Brad just a series of condescending, poorly constructed, rude rants. Upon reflection they are more laughable than libellous.

Can I say my (as in bought in burk) cacao powder is light brown? Appears roughly grinded? Tastes fantastic but sometimes a bit bitter? I (John) care about organics, fair trade and the nutritional value of foods. Why can't I say that? Or is it against your overbearing, chocolate fascist rules?


From personal experience dealing with many, many people in the chocolate world at all levels of experience and understanding from all over the world for more than a decade, I can tell with certainty that it is possible for someone to hold two contradictory opinions in their heads at the same time. Usually it is out of ignorance (often only partial knowledge as we all know a little knowledge is a dangerous thing) and not out of any deliberate attempt to misrepresent.

What I do like about the above reply is that you spent some time to find and present information about HAACP and present it in this discussion.

What I don't like about the above is that you presume malice on the part of the OP. I am a voracious reader and one quote I like is (I am paraphrasing here): "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance." I also like this one from  Goethe: "...misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent."

The root of my approach to moderating TheChocolateLife is to assume that people have incomplete knowledge and incomplete understanding. It is rare, I have found for people to deliberately misrepresent themselves here.

That's where I start from. I've been working in chocolate for over a decade and I freely admit that there is stuff I don't know. And there is stuff I will never know. But it's one of the reasons I started TheChocolateLife - so I could learn from thousands of others around the world who love chocolate. I did not create TheChocolateLife as a forum for members to publicly shame and ridicule other members because they did not have perfect knowledge.

There's a line in my book about the most important thing to take to a chocolate tasting - and that's a sense of humor. I go on to say that it's okay to take the chocolate seriously but we should be wary about taking our selves too seriously. Having humility and empathy is important, in my opinion.

And that's the tone I am striving for here, and it has certainly informed my approach to my chocolate career, moving away from calling myself a critic and focusing on mentoring and educating.

I try to lead by example - and sometimes I fail. And the community has lost some very strong, technically, members. And the community is the less for that. However, it's important for me to keep in mind at all times that this is just chocolate. 

Brad - You have a lot of useful and valuable information to impart to the community. What you don't recognize (or if you do you simply don't care) is that you undermine yourself and your knowledge when you choose to be confrontational.

All I am asking is that you respect my wishes about how I want members address and speak to other members. I am very clear about that in the member guidelines and in the way I moderate discussions. You can make all the points you make - and people will actually want to listen to you - by being less confrontational.

It's like Gordon Ramsey is your role model here. 

TheChocolateLife is not your community. You may feel, as a member, that you are entitled to unbridled expression: That is not the case. If you want a place where you are free to say whatever you want, however you want, then by all means start your own blog or community and open it up for unmoderated (prior to posting) comments from readers/members. It is in this last aspect that I lost any remaining shred of respect for Sam. She makes untrue allegations about me - publicly - but is unwilling to allow any form of feedback or rebuttal.

And at this point, I am closing this discussion for at least 48 hours to let the flames die down.

I tried to diffuse the situation, but he seems determined to be upset about the issue. *shrugs*


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