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Cocoa Town Melanger - Sugar sticking to granite grinders


I Have been using a Cocoa Town Melanger for a few months now, to produce cacao paste and grind coconut sugar with chocolate. I am having issues with the sugar sicking to the stone grinders. Does anyone have any experience & suggestions as to why this is occurring?

The strange fact is that my machine was producing perfect chocolate for about 2 weeks and then the sugar started sticking to the granite grinders. I have not changed any aspect of the way I am processing the chocolate. I have also experimented using different brands of sugar - the same problem occurs.


Here is a set by step as to what my process is like - 1. I add melted cacao paste to grinder 2. Add melted cacao butter 3. Add vanilla bean & salt ( I let this mix together for about an hour before I start to add the sugar) 4. Slowly add the sugar, 1 tablespoon every hour.


I would really appreciate any advice you can give me! Thank you!

~ Jade

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Hi There,

have you checked the Humidity and the temperature?

sometimes a bit of rain or too low temp may give you problem with sugar. Have you tried to grind the sugar first to turn it into powder?




hi there, I am just finding your post and would love to talk with you about your current experience using coconut sugar. I am also using it and have learned the hard way to either dehydrate the sugar first or use dessicant to get the humidity under control.  I have experienced exactly what you are talking about with my cocoatown melanger, and wondered if you have upgraded to a better machine? I am looking to buy something in a larger capacity that won't break! 

It has been hard to find anyone else using coconut sugar to discuss this with.  thanks, Beth


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