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Has anyone ever attended the Callebaut Chocolate Academy Classes??  Any thoughts about your experience would be greatly appreciated.



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I attended two courses at the Chocolate Academy, one in the Netherlands (Zundert) and one in Belgium (Wieze). Generally I was quite satisfied with the amound of techniques I learned during the short time of the course. I also wrote a blog post some time ago about the second course I followed. To avoid confusion: You won't learn how to make chocolate in those courses, but rather how to work with chocolate.

I took two courses in Montreal. I thought they were great. This was before they had the Chicago location. 

Hi ,

I done a couple in England, i thought they were fantastic and its not just what you learn on the courses, whether its a professional chocolate course, Chocolate wedding cake course, sculpting course, its also the back up service you get from Callebaut that is invaluable. You can give them buzz and ask technical questions and get a professional answer. They are there to help in all aspects of chocolate and give you recipes and rough ideas on shelf life and how to extend shelf life.

Definitely worth it, if nothing else think of it as a learning and unique holiday

I attended their French Ganache Course in Banbury, UK. I really enjoyed the course, and it gave me lots of useful tips on working with chocolate, flavour pairing etc. I would recommend it.


I have attended three courses at their Montreal location and thought they were each wonderful. You learn so much and actually get to make things and use techniques you would never get to do in your own business. Callebaut will also help AFTER the class which has also been so helpful.


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