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Calling all Chocolatiers: What are YOU Making Special for Easter This Year?

Easter is one of the top holidays for buying and gifting fine chocolate and I know that there are many very creative chocolatiers that are members of TheChocolateLife.

So - what are you making special this year? Let us know - and please post pictures of whatever you mention.

:: Clay

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well melanie it takes all kinds. we make and sell 10,000 + perfectly acceptable easter bunnies and hand painted eggs. Most of our voodoo bunnies grotesque features are being suggested by 10-12 year old kids who not only dig em, but want them extra gory. My daughter made 3 yesterday for her classmates, the kids love em.. Lighten up, life is a carnival, buy the ticket, take the ride.
Jeff was far kinder than I would have been, had you dubbed my artisitc expression as "sick."

I thought this was a community of artists? Please keep the judgements to yourself.
art is in the eye of the beholder.
....and I do believe his work is art,I got a chuckle out of it but I personally just don't condone and promote violence and gore to children especially on what is more or less a religious value holiday.
My kitchen is staffed by pagan reprobates with a penchant for hard work whiskey and chluthlu. The religious value of easter is lost on us.
Hey man, I'm no prude...The religious value of Easter is pretty lost on me as well. I don't read the Bible or believe in Jesus. But many customers do and I respect that. Maybe you make so much $$ you don't care who you offend but I do care who I offend .
Um... the holiday is about a zombie!

"And on the third day, Jesus hath risen from the dead and hath feasted upon brains... etc" Read your bibile!
you can rest assured we have tried to crucify a few but they just dont stand up.....
I am making a version of a mendiant- it is oval egg shaped disc with 65% Belgian Chocolate or Valrhona Ivorie White Chocolate studded with an edible viola flower, jellybeans, an almond, mac nut, blueberry, cranberry and crystallized mint. They are packaged in a clear cube with easter grass in various colors and breaks up the usual asst of bunnies. I will try to take a better picture of it today.
here is the Easter mendiant
Great idea for a thread Clay! I'm loving the creativity that people have. I will post my own Easter fare in a few days. I have a question for those of you doing ganache filled eggs - Artisan and Joe both do this - any others, feel free to chime in... I'm wondering about your technique for doing this? Do you fill as you would any other molded item and then heat edges to put together? I know for small truffle size eggs you can purchase pre-made truffle shells in egg shape and just pipe in ganache. I'm chosing to use organic fair-trade chocolate so these aren't available to me. I'd love to do them though - the small eggs and the bigger eggs. Advice anyone?
How about Road Kill Rabbits as a name?


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