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Calling all Chocolatiers: What are YOU Making Special for Easter This Year?

Easter is one of the top holidays for buying and gifting fine chocolate and I know that there are many very creative chocolatiers that are members of TheChocolateLife.

So - what are you making special this year? Let us know - and please post pictures of whatever you mention.

:: Clay

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why thank you sir....

I really cant believe how well these dumb things are selling....

I sent you one for A.........
I'm making chocolate bars for Easter.
I'm making macaroons drizzled with chocolate...for Passover. This is rich, flavorful and a real treat. I drizzled "enjoy life" chocolate chips, melted. They're dairy, soy, and gluten free and as a plus-pareve. I'm experimenting so they got tested out. Any dark chocolate 70%, preferably kosher for passover, would be great as a compliment to the almond flavor. Want the recipe? Check out Recipes with Chocolate
As I mentioned, frogs (for the plague) and pyramids (Egypt)
Frogs and pyramids - you clever girl Ilana! I love it!
they are cool....

shall we do the sacrificial lambs next?
Well!! I will reveal that I am making blood puddles using freeze dried pomegranate powder to color the white chocolate red=the Nile turns to blood...
Each family member will get a frog upon a blood puddle and a pyramid.
Oh and thanks Lana and Jeff!
I like your style.........
My best selling and tastiest Easter chocolates are my Easter Truffles and the Bunny Bar. The Easter Truffles feature Bittersweet Caramelized, Spring Raspberry and Merlot centers, in addition to the traditional dark, milk and white chocolate. The shells of the truffles are molded with lovely flowers colored with luster dust, great not only for Easter but any spring gifts. The Bunny Bar is a nice alternative to traditional bunnies - it's over 6 ounces and nearly 8" high, and comes in solid or crispy milk chocolate. I'm still taking orders at

Easter at is all about the most decadent Belgian style chocolate Eggs, beautifully wrapped in colorful foils. From Dark chocolate eggs filled with Gianduja to Milk chocolate eggs filled with feuilletine and ganache, everyone will find an egg to suit their taste. The eggs are available by the pound, or arranged on handmade porcelaine and glass plates along with hand decorated chocolate favors--making them a truly chic gift!

For more, please visit us at
A simple thing, the chocolate Easter egg - elevated by an elegantly beautiful presentation.
Thank you Clay!


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