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Calling all Chocolatiers: What are YOU Making Special for Easter This Year?

Easter is one of the top holidays for buying and gifting fine chocolate and I know that there are many very creative chocolatiers that are members of TheChocolateLife.

So - what are you making special this year? Let us know - and please post pictures of whatever you mention.

:: Clay

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Your Easter presentations are beautiful. I browsed your site - nice! I really like your baby presentations too. They look like a labour of love... so cute...
Thank you Lana! Indeed, baby, wedding, and seasonal favors are given a lot of thought in terms of design, color schemes etc...and take a LOT of love , care and hours to put together :) It sure is a happy business to be working with chocolates though!

In turn, i wanted to let you know that I love your white bunny....adorable! what a cute idea to have the dalmatian-like spotting! this should be a bestseller in my view!! :)

This is my first Easter in production and I had concerns about who would be buying 'grown-up' chocolate as the chocolate part of this holiday seems child centered. I'm learning this isn't so! And don't we all have a little bit of child in us anyways...
Easter does have a spiritual significance for me and I wanted to depict this in my chocolate offerings. I have made 'Bread and Wine' chocolates. The 'Bread' is a chocolate version of a hot cross bun. The flavour is remarkably similar with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, raisin, vanilla… ummmmm
The wine is made with an Organic Argentinian Merlot. I tried many wine ganache experiments with Port, Banyuls, different Merlots... I'm hooked now. I can't stop! I think I'll do a wine assortment for Father's Day.

And, of course, there's the bunnies - a whole herd of them. There's 'Almond Jack' - a 70% bunny made with Cocoa Camino 70% couv. and organic almonds. 'Hazel' - made with Gepa milk chocolate couv. (a caramely tasting organic, fair-trade couv. made in Germany) with organic hazelnuts. 'Joe' - a 58% dark bunny made with a blending of different organic FT couvertures and crushed Arabica coffee. 'Salty-Salty' - Caramely milk chocolate combined with streaks of 70% chocolate and flaky sea salt. My fav. And 'Spot' - The best white chocolate ever! Gepa's organic FT white chocolate is made with 2 types of sugar giving it a very caramely flavour but without the usual sweetness found in white chocolate. Very special. These bunnies are decorated with milk chocolate spots giving them the appearance of milk cows! What a herd.
Lana- These are so creative! I love the idea of the "bread and wine" chocolates...very classy designs to represent each. And they sound very delicious. Your "herd" is just adorable.
The chocolates are beautiful.
The flavors sound great and the hot cross bun really provokes the image of a real one.
Did you use white chocolate for the piping or something else.

I love the bunnies too, where they fun to make?
Thanks for the wonderful comments Tina and Carol! Yes, the piping on the hot cross bun is white chocolate - as is the chocolate used in the ganache. I have gotten great feedback on them as they really do taste like a hot cross bun. I love to see that puzzled look on people's faces as they eat it. How can it be?!
LANA!!!! WOW! I have been waiting to see your works of art and just knew they would be perfection. Absolutely lovely! I am truly excited for you. I am also thrilled that you gotit right with the wine!!! I would love to taste your things. Everything has days and days of thought put it-every detail. I am so happy for you!!! HUGS and congrats!!
Ilana, aren't you the sweetest thing! Can I carry you around in my pocket?
We have just surfaced from the rush and waved the white flag yesterday! Nothing else in stock on our site until after Easter.
My eggs this year were a mix of funky and traditional, with a nod to the spring fashion colours of vivid orange, green and pink.
We had some great coverage on national TV and a good link in from Nigella Lawson's site which really boosted sales.
Pics attached!

I am in the field of chocolate since 1995. People often asks questions about making chocolate, keeping chocolate, making any particular chocolate dessert etc, so I decided to build a website to help those people who want to make chocolate desserts at home but lack necessary experience ( more frankly for those, who are just amateurs , not professional chocolatiers).


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Thanks, I aspire to professional, but I am afraid I am still very much an amateur as you will see by my question I ask here on Chocolate Life


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