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Calling all Chocolatiers: What are YOU Making Special for Easter This Year?

Easter is one of the top holidays for buying and gifting fine chocolate and I know that there are many very creative chocolatiers that are members of TheChocolateLife.

So - what are you making special this year? Let us know - and please post pictures of whatever you mention.

:: Clay

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"object of Design" is Artisan du chocolat theme for Easter.
My favourite pieces
Very British punky Duckmade with Brazilian choc that we produce from ground beans
Shaker egg- finally an egg where you can eat the inside without breaking the egg, just shake them out.
These eggs are filled with tiny drops of salt and pepper caramel coated in chocolate.
Graffiti eggs "Who's your bunny" designed by London artist Darren Cullen

For more visit
Pics to follow
Here are the pics
For the local market here in Ecuador, we are making painted easter eggs. I use a variety of techniques and colors. People don't see much stuff like this here, so it goes over well. On the other hand, people think stuff that is "hand-made" is equivalent to home-made, and have notions of quaint, cute, but not of quality or appreciation for all the work behind it. In Ecuador, if you're not cranking the product out by the tens of thousands, then it must not be that great-at least that's the perception.

For more info see and
Wow they are spectacular!
We are making a Dark 8oz egg using Belgian Chocolate (70%) and filling it with a dark kona coffee truffle filling

Joe Crevino
Sweet Mary's
Should be dark Belgian chocolate(75%)
well...we always make the cute little flop earned bunny and this year we changed up the eggs a bit but our newest fun project are the Voodoo Bunnies. They are selling like crazy AND scaring the children. Whats not to like? I mean once you have a pile of broken eared bunnies what are ya gonna do?
some more morbid bunnies.........
Those are, without a doubt, the finest easter chocolates I've ever seen. (we do inquesition gummy bears... but they lack the gore factor that these nail)

So... how long do those take to make and how much do they cost and will you ship?

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

Thanks rob. We too think they are just a fine representation of the holiday...we sell them for $15.00 each and we have it down to a science. I just made a couple this morning with their eye sockets torn out and the eyeball still attached but hanging down....very graphic but oh so cute.

we sold a few dozen this weekend, it was shocking, and we upset a few people too... which is half the fun.....

we ship everywhere. .....for a price.

Jeff those are wild! I like the ribs the best. DIAA asked the question I was pondering... 'how long do they take to make?' Glad to hear you have it down to a science. That's encouraging for the rest of us who grapling with our own chocolate creations that seem to take FOREVER to make. I know logically that I can't expect to have production efficiency after making a half a dozen of something and yet I complain and carry on like I've been at it for years! Thanks for the perspective - and happy Easter... er... I think...
These are sick and sicker still are the people that think this is a cool way to scare kids.
I can understand an inside joke in the kitchen but not to actually sell to the public.


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