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Calling all Chocolatiers: What are YOU Making Special for Easter This Year?

Easter is one of the top holidays for buying and gifting fine chocolate and I know that there are many very creative chocolatiers that are members of TheChocolateLife.

So - what are you making special this year? Let us know - and please post pictures of whatever you mention.

:: Clay

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We have a one shot machine and got custom moulds made for mini eggs for the one shot,
then we round them off and decorate them.
It's the most efficient way to produce these but of course the investment is huge
I appreciate the answer. Thanks. I've been scratching my head as to how these are done efficiently if not using pre-made truffle shells.

I have good luck with these, 65% Dark with white marbling. Filled with white chocolate vanilla ganache and a lemon (Limoncello) yolk. Randomly I put two yolks in a few just like getting a double yolk egg. People love them and slice them like bread for Easter desert.
I mold the two halves and base. Fill with ganache as smush together. I don't melt or fill the joint and as you can see it is very small. These are 4" eggs.
That's the beauty of all of us having our own businesses is that we can all do what we want product wise.
Some might find it sick and others fantastic, but in all cases it makes the choc world more diverse and that's worth celebrating.

For my part i think these would be great for Halloween more than Easter but well done for the idea!
thank you artisan....much ado about nothing. We plaan on having a ball with halloween this year.
I am scared to imagine what you will come up with for Halloween... With your imagination! And I thought green frogs with strawberry ganache (blood?) would be daring... innocent me...
Its all about the marzipan and cocoa butter paint......
Those are pretty. I have looked at your site for years and coveted many of your molds....wish list stuff...

am having fun creating egg boxes and 3-D characters from antique molds. They are all embellished with Lusterdust! I also sell the molds:, I have loads of eggs!
ok.....its getting the minute.....these sold a nurse..........

You are one sick puppy. But I mean that in the nicest way.

:: Clay


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