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Can you help me identify the following selmi chocolate making equipment?

We bought out the remainder of a chocolate company and we basically have this stuff and lots of foils left.  I am trying to identify what this stuff is called, names of the parts, what brand, etc.  I've googled and googled and not found anything.


I have one mixer part and then a bunch of parts that I think are a Selmi brand.  I think some are called depositing heads but I am not positive.  Not sure what all the cylindrical type parts are for.  Anything you can identify would be helpful.  I have lettered them to make it easier to identify them.  

Thanks for the help.

A.  Free Image Hosting at
B   Free Image Hosting at 
C   Free Image Hosting at
D   Free Image Hosting at
E   Free Image Hosting at
F   Free Image Hosting at
G  Free Image Hosting at
H  Free Image Hosting at
I   Free Image Hosting at
J   Free Image Hosting at
K  Free Image Hosting at
L   Free Image Hosting at
M  Free Image Hosting at
N  Free Image Hosting at
O  Free Image Hosting at
O  Free Image Hosting at
O  Free Image Hosting at

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The first bunch look like some sort of extruder for fondant or ganache.  - watch the video.

K thru M show the depositing heads for the Selmi -

No clue on the 3 O's.

The first of the O's looks like it is for a Savage Firemixer

Thanks for the help with this! The extruder parts don't look like they are savage branded and there are no names on any of the parts. If anyone looking at this can identify the brand I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch, you've been super helpful.


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