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Okay, quick question:  I've had a few of my pieces of chocolate that I've been trying to mold have some "bloom" in them.  I was wondering if I can re-melt and re-temper the chocolate and use it again or since it "bloomed" it's pretty much not useable anymore..

Thanks in advanced. 

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Hi Brian. Yep, you can remelt and re-temper bloomed chocolate.

Great. Thanks Ben!  I have a Chocovision rev2 (just starting out).  So I assume that you just remelt all the chocolate to the first stage (108 deg), then add brand new seed chocolate to temper, and all is good?

Thanks again.  :-)

Yep, just temper it like you would normally.

Cool.  Thanks!  Yay for saving thought-to-be-lost chocolate!  :-)

Glad to help! :)

Depending on which chocolate, I would probably take it to at least 118 if it has bad crystals. That way, you will be sure and melt them all out.

Thanks for the reply Ruth.  I'm using primarily E. Guttard chocolate.  I'm working with: Milk, white and Dark (55-72% Blends).  So, going up to 118 won't be too hot for the chocolate? 

I also use EGuittard. I take the 55 or 61 to 118, 38 or 41 to 115 and the 31 or 35 to about 112. If it is "new" chocolate and not been used, I might not take it that high, but with bad crystals, you need to.

Ah, okay.  excellent. Thanks for the numbers!  Again, thank you Ben and Ruth for your help.  Much appreciated.

I instruct my staff to take all of the chocolate they temper to 120, just to be safe, and make up for potential discrepencies in thermometer readings.  120 won't hurt any chocolate at all, in fact during processing, the temperature often gets MUCH higher - closer to the 130's.

Interesting.  Thanks Brad.  I'll experiment with all your suggestions.  :-)

Yes you can retemper the chocolate that has bloomed.


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