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Anyone know where to start my search for the nice, thick paper for wrapping candy bars? Not the kind with foil peeking out, but like Green & Black bars, or any of the other high-end bars.
Any suggestions would be great!!

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I am from china packaging factory, maybe i can help you. Please tell me you idea or enquiry. Now, more and more confectionary factory like to buy theri packaging in China which can save them even more than 60%. My company website is You can email me at
Ms Zhan has been asked NOT to solicit business in the fashion that she has been - essentially spamming members and conversations where the topic of packaging is mentioned WITH EXACTLY THE SAME BOILERPLATE MESSAGE that actually did not add anything to the topic being discussed.

If she had only done this once or twice, maybe it would be okay. But it was many more times than that in a very short period of time, nearly completely filling the current activity list on the home page.

If any member is interested in following up, please visit Ms Zhan's profile page and/or Friend her and correspond privately.

If you have a business and want to reach members this way, advertising and sponsorship programs are available that will enable you to do the job more effectively while supporting the community and not creating any ill will.

Thanks in advance for your understanding on this mattter,
:: Clay
Have you tired contacting a local print shop? A lot them do food packaging or can tell you where to look for such paper. You may also want to try an xpdex retail store. It's a giant paper retailer, but in the walk in stores you don't have to buy huge quantities of a single type.
Thanks for the tip Richard, I didn't even think of trying that. Happy Holidays!
Have a look here. I hope you have luck!!!


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