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Caputo's Chocolate Program featured in Specialty Food Magazine



I thought some of you retailers and producers out there might be interested in this highly relevant article on creating a vibrant retail chocolate program. I would be interested to know if anyone has thoughts on this.

Hopefully, articles like this can't hurt smaller producers and retailers to take a bigger slice of pie from the big guys.


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Matt -

Thanks for sharing this. I am interested in what others think.

:: Clay
Very nice! I think education is the key. I've said for a long time that chocolate is over-simplified in this country. As we all know here on the chocolate life, it's the most complex and fascinating food on the planet. You've created a great experience for your customers to convey that. Hat's off!
Thanks David. Do you make chocolate?
Hi Matt,

Definitely an interesting article. And I can speak to the efficacy of educating consumers as a way of building the market for fine chocolate, as I'm a beneficiary of one of your classes. My brother Brett and his wife Angela attended one of your classes last year and fell in love with chocolate. When they came home to Virginia for Christmas, they brought some chocolate and held a tasting (complete with history and tasting technique) for the family, converting almost all of us (my dad is still a holdout) to the joys of fine chocolate.

I became particularly interested in it and started trying new bars and reading everything I could find on chocolate, it's history and production, and how to develop my palette. My wife and I also started holding tastings for some of our friends, one of whom suggested that we should try making it.

That has spiraled into us launching a very small chocolate-making company. We're still very much in our infancy (embryonic may actually be a better description), but have a plan for developing our first bar and are hoping to get started soon.

That one class has converted about 25 people that I know of, and helped spawn a new company. So, thanks--you're the top of my chocolate pyramid :)


p.s. if anyone wants to check out our new company, it's called Potomac Chocolate Co. and we've got a site and a facebook page. Like I said, we're very much in our infancy (haven't actually started making chocolate yet), but we launched the company and sites because we wanted to bring other people in to the chocolate fold and follow our progress:

Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know that the chocolate love seeds I have been sending out over the last four years have taken such firm root on the other side of the country. I cannot tell you how heart warming this is for me.

In addition to our classes, I am also a member (not the founder) of a group called The Chocolate Society and we would love to help and support your budding business. While your chocolate is being developed we would be glad to give you honest no holds barred feedback and when you launch we can help you find a surprisingly large market for your chocolate in and around Utah. In addition to retailing chocolate another member imports and distributes it. Please keep us up to date and best wishes.


Matt Caputo
Thanks Matt! That sounds great! We'd love any feedback and help we can get.

Hi Matt,

Yes, I do make chocolate. Small-batch from the bean. I started back in '07 and have a little factory outside of Asheville, NC.


sidenote: Anyone know how I can receive replies etc. from discussions like this via email?
Hi David,

You can adjust what email notifications TCL sends you by clicking on settings at the top right hand of the page and then clicking email.

I would love to try it and possibly sell it if you would be kind enough to send samples. Also, if you want to provide enough samples for approximately 15 people (100g is usually enough), we would love to give you a full unbiased and confidential review at our next Chocolate Society meeting. Others such as Amano have found it invaluable to get this "no holds barred" feedback from a highly educated group.



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