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Before the predjudice starts, do people actually know what carob is? I didnt until recently, and no i am not going to go on some hippy rant about chocolate replacement, i make chocolate from bean to bar myself and nothing could substitue. Carob, as i found out is actually a sweetener, with no real chocolate flavour, the carob pods are roasted, deseeded and ground to a flour which is high in sugar and fibre and tastes like dates or malt powder....certainly not chocolate. Coincidentally, it is my daughters favorite climbing tree down at the creek near our house, we had no idea the 10s of kilos of pods on this massive tree were, sweet and edible. I now think of them as natures muslie bars, about 50 percent sugar, high in fibre, low in fat, with 6 percent protein (which is pretty high really) and no fat and raw taste like malted dates. Excellent for little tree climbing bodies. One of the main products from carob production is a delicious syrup, which is great in milk and on ice cream.

Anyway, my question is, who invented carob chocolate and why, i havent been able to find anything about it yet.

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Carob powder is also one of the most ancient and best stabilizer for ice cream....

Is that the carob pod powder or the thickening agent made from the seeds?

Yep, i think i s called as well Locust bean gum...


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