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Hello all! 

Does anyone have any suggestions or info on where I can get cellophane wrappers for chocolate bars? The kind that one uses to wrap the chocolate itself, before slipping the bar into a box or envelope. I feel like I've been browsing the internet for ages, and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Askinosie's plastic chocolate bar wrappers -- resealable, sticky, fold-over closure + "home compostable" + clear plastic -- are amazing. If I could find their wrap distributor I would order from them in a heartbeat. 

Overall I'm looking for bags that will hold a bar up to 2 oz, with a resealable sticker closure, ideally compostable.

Any suggestions? Or suggestions for other inner-wrap solutions?


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I haven't found anything I particularly like so for now I use cello bags that I fold and heat seal. I use 4x6 but i'm trying to find a 3x6. Good luck!

Try Temkin. They have stock sizes in tape bags.

Wow, their selection is awesome! Thanks so much! 

Try Uline, they have lots of packaging products, tools and equipment.

I've been meaning to respond to this for awhile.  I found a local place (for me) that has some resealable bags that I like.  They're food grade and supposedly compostable too.  Here's the link to those specific style of bags:  I'm trying out the GC2X5 bags currently.  They work pretty well.  They are a bit crinkly sounding though, but I think they'd be great to put inside of a box.  Do you have any box suggestions?

Also, I called ClearBags and asked if they could send me a sample bag or three and they sent me three bags and a catalog.  Good luck!!

Hey Dave, thank for your suggestion. The bags are exactly what we're looking for. We're definitely going with this brand. 

SO much appreciated!

Great!!  My first post at TCL and I've actually helped someone.  Feels good!!

Definitely try a sample first and see if it'll work.  I really like the GC2X5 bags, but I'm starting to think about using some sort of heat-sealable bag so my chocolate bars can maintain their freshness longer.  These bags are great for loading/packaging quickly, but the chocolate seems to dry out and lose it's freshness kinda fast IMO.  I think that's because the sealable flap doesn't completely cut off the chocolate's interaction with ambient air, say like a zip-lock bag can.

Let me know how it goes!!  Have you found any heat-sealable, compostable bags at all?  I'd like to give something like that a try.  Do a "freshness" comparison over the course of a few weeks to a couple months.  Gotta maintain shelf-life you know.



Clear Cello Bags sells bags that are heat-sealable and compostable. I am debating between them and the eco bags you posted.

I used to use a flap seal bag and was pretty happy with the results with regards to maintaining freshness. It's definitely better than foil (which I currently use) in that regard. Are you finding it to be a problem over the course of weeks?

A heat seal bag will probably do somewhat better, but you lose the resealable aspect of the flap seal bag. When I switched to foil from flap seal bags, I had quite a few customers mention that they missed being able to reseal it.


Hey Ben,

My observations have been that chocolate in the flag seal bags seem to lose their freshness over the course of a month.  By say, two months, the bars are starting to get that oxidation haze/cast to them and a "drying-out" mouthfeel.  Funny thing is, I have some AluFoil gold foil too.  I really should try a side-by-side freshness time comparison.  My bars have been going too fast amongst my family and friends though.

How long would you say your bars stay relatively fresh in the foil?  Have you done a freshness comparison test between the foil and the resealable bags you had?  Lately, I've been wrapping my bars with the gold foil and then loading them into the clear bags just to see how much fresher they'll stay.  It actually looks quite good, but I'm not sure I'd sell bars like that professionally.  (I put a home-printed bar label on the outside of these.)

Another avenue I've been searching down is a resealable aluminum foil bag similar to these:  Unfortunately, they're all too big for my bar mold.  I think that would be the ultimate in freshness, ease of packaging time, and consumer satisfaction.  If I did find one, the next question for me would I simply put a label(s) on the outside of these bags or put the bag/bar in a box?  (I was told by an experienced retailer that my bars would sell better if they can literally stand up on the shelf on their own...i.e. not lay flat, but vertical so people can see the packaging.)


Hi Dave,

I haven't done any real scientific tests, but have had some of my bars in foil that were probably 6 months old or so. I've had other makers' bars that were significantly older than that, too. All seemed ok, except a bar or two that were well past their best-by date.

Someone recently told me that they recently had a bar from early 2011. It was in the flap-seal bag that I used to use and he said it was still edible, but definitely stale.

How are you storing your chocolate? (you may have already told me this somewhere--sorry, if so) It's possible that temperature swings could produce the effects you're seeing, no matter how it's packaged.


No I haven't mentioned how I store my chocolate.  It's very sophisticated.  After I foil wrap, clear bag, and label the bars I put them in a sealable plastic tub.  That sits on the counter between the kitchen and the computer room.  It's subject to room temperature fluctuations.  We have been using the AC, so the temps have been range-bound between say 65 - 81 F.  How do you store your finished bars?  I'm thinking a wine fridge set around 68 F would be great.


Hey Ben,

How do you store your chocolate?



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