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My husband and I are going on a Panama Cruise, starting in San Diego,
ending in Fort Lauderdale. We stop in Cabo, Acapulco, Huatulco Mexico,
Puntarenas Costa Rica, Cristobal Panama, and Cartagena Columbia. We are
only in port for the day in most cases. I would like to "write the trip
off" if possible by visiting anything chocolate. Anyone aware of
anything or anyone I could visit in any of these ports to justify the
trip? I am guessing cacao is grown in most of the countries, but I
don't want to get too creative in my justification:-). Any ideas?

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That seems pretty difficult. Unless you can find a chocolate or cacao related business right in port, you just won't have the time. I know several cacao plantations and chocolatiers in Costa Rica, but they are all inland.
That is true, and though you may find an occasional tree around Puntarenas, it is doubtful there are plantations due the drier climate. Possibly you could jump ship and travel overland from Puntarenas to Cristobal, which would allow you to see some things, including my farm if you like. I have a few hundred trees here about 20 km inland from Dominical (south of Quepos, south of Puntarenas). At worst, if you have never seen (or sucked on) real cacao and can give me an address in Puntarenas to forward to, I could send you some pods for the cost of postage....

jesse blenn


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