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Just a heads up everybody that Amano is having a pretty big giveaway.
Amano is releasing a new bar in the next month or so and while they
are waiting to get the boxes printed and everything ready for market,
they are having a "Guess the Origin" contest.  The prize is a year's
supply of chocolate which they define as 120 bars or $830 in
chocolate.  That is pretty huge IMHO. (Sure a far cry from those "fill
out a survey for a chance at $50!" contests you see all over the

For those of you who have blogs, Amano is having a second drawing for
_another_ "years supply" if you announce the Guess The Origin contest
on your blog.  Amano lets you participate in both which is pretty

Here are the links:

Guess the Origin Contest:

Blogger Contest:

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Amano is only 50 miles from me and so I
already know what Amano's new top secret origin is and have tasted it
so I can't play but I can say it is tasty.

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