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Last night on Auussie and NZ TV was aired a doco on chlid slave labour in the cocoa industry, specifically Ghana and Ivory Coast. If you go to the link below you can read more.


If you are in Aust. or NZ you will be able to watch the program over the web, I am not sure about access in other countries.


The in the doco the investigative reporters found many children in forced labour with no pay or schooling.

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Child slave labor is a major issue with the cacao used by a lot of the "big boys" of chocolate manufacturing. It is truly difficult to maintain integrity when dealing with through-puts the size of a companies like, oh say, Hersheys.

This is a huge problem, and is exactly why it is encouraged for consumers to support artisan chocolate producers, and chocolate producers to develop relationships with cacao growers, at lease in my opinion.



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