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I have a mess on my hands. I used the chocoflex silicone molds for my lavender ganache. They will not come out. Anyone have this happen to them?

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What temperature did you cool them down to? Make sure cool enough to firm up so they can be removed easily.
Thanks for your reply. I couldn't get them to budge from room temperature, so I tried leaving them in the fridge, then even in the freezer.
Yea room temp would never work imo they need to be cold or frozen and it takes a little longer than normal because the silicon itself takes time to cool.

I'm a little surprised that being frozen their still gooey. Did you use an oil instead of butter for your ganache? How does your ganache usually setup?

We use the molds for party platters since their too small for our normal use but we've never encountered a release issue unless its room (or close) temp.
I had that same problem and I lost that batch. I stopped using them until I changed my ganache making method and now they work fine.
I had this trouble inititally, too, and then tweaked my ganache methods a little and it really helped. I can go into this a little more if i is helpful.
It would be nice, if you can eloborate a bit more on this
Beside temperature, you can firm up the pieces for demolding in several ways, some of them changing texture when eaten. These include increasing chocolate while reducing cream (increasing the dispersed phase, and the lipid ratio is more higher melt fats), and you can temper the ganache as it cools. This does not include what you can do to the continuous aqueous phase of the ganache.


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