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Has anybody used the Chocolate Artist software and printer by Deco?  I have some custom applications for which this would be perfect, but I would love to know your opinions on it.  Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you!

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Chocolate World finally got back to me, you are correct, cartridges are filled with ink and water.

So, has anyone filled their own cartridges or treated their own acetate sheets??

I have refilled my own cartidges. I order bulk ink from Icing Images, although next week I will be purchasing locally bulk edible ink that is made by Photofrost.  Kopykake also has bulk ink.   The acetate needs the special spray so that the ink adheres to the sheet and not smudge.  The cartidges are expensive but can be reused up to 3 times.  I recently purchased some empty automatic chip resetting cartidges from China.  I am going to try using the cartidges to see how good the quality is.  But, by purchasing bulk edible ink and empty cartridges, it could be a large signicant saving. I do alot of printing on chocosheets.
I purchased the software and tried the transfer sheets.  Today I am using the EPSON STYLUS C88 as a regular printer - if that tells you anything.   No information comes with the software, ink is very expensive, and it totally did not work for me.  Wasted money. 
You need to have a printer that has not and is not being used with regular printing ink.  I will try to put together a manual for people to use the software.  It really is a good product and very valuable to my business.

 click the top image that says "NEW DESIGN"

Click the proper mold template you need.  You will need to wait anywhere from 3-10 seconds for the template to open up.  Be patient.

Click "PICTURES" on the left menu.  On the Right side, the IMAGING MENU appears.  Find your picture and click it.  I usually save an image (jpeg,jpg, or png) to my desktop (i have also created a file called LOGO) because it is easy to find the image.  Anyhow, click the picture you want.


Set up the image to the size you want. There is an ability to crop the picture if you want.  Once you have sized the image the way you want it then Click on left side "PRINT IMAGE".  Make sure that you have the security stick  plugged into the USB.   Print.   OR "PREVIEW " if you want to see how the image will look before printing.

Thanks Debra, I have the printer, I have the ink cartridges and I am ready to start experimenting with the Deco software. I will get back to Ran at Chocolate World and tell him the dilemma people are having with the flash stick. The PC/Mac transfer was very difficult, some instructions would have been nice.

Will post my results!!!


I have it and use it with an Epson printer (recommended by Tomric in NY). It works pretty well,  but you cannot print white, which is a handicap, so you'd have to use white chocolate shells for the logo to show well. That's frustrating. I buy the cartridges from Kopykake.

I should add that the software is still beta, as I was told by Tomric and no permanent version available...there aren't instructions, so you have to figure it out for yourself. Ask if you have any questions and I'll try to help out.


I tried airbrushing white cocoa butter directly onto the transfer sheet, so that I could apply it to dark chocolate, but the results have been flakey. Haven't mastered that yet - any ideas or suggestions?


Go to my Aug 13 post and see what Ran from Chocolate World said was on their transfer sheets. Powdered sugar is made of very fine milled sugar and corn starch, I assume that is what they used. Let us know if that works...
The application is windows-based, not for Macs. I had to buy a netbook just for the program. Wish it was for Mac, being a Mac user myself.

Hi has anyone used candy melts for a clearer picture rather than use white chocolate, i use it quite often and it seems to decant from the deco molds easily, and gives me a brill pic.


That's interesting, Dave, as I have been using it exclusively on white chocolate. Which candy melts are you using? I haven't tried them before.

Thank you!


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