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Has anybody used the Chocolate Artist software and printer by Deco?  I have some custom applications for which this would be perfect, but I would love to know your opinions on it.  Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you!

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Hi Glenn i use super white candy melts from merckens, i tried the ones from wilton but did not find the picture was perfect plus did not taste as good. once i get my head around this site will upload some pics. This was one of my earlier efforts but as you can see the picture is so clear.

That looks great! I'll have to try some of the melts.  Right now I use white chocolate and blend a little bit of white cocoa butter to lighten the colour from yellowish that most white chocolate couverture is. 


If you are making a high end product, then the candy melts compromise the product.  Compound chocolate is fine if the product is run of the mill quality.  I blend white chocolate with cocoa butter and just plain everyday light oxidizes the white chocolate and the creamy yellow goes white.  I use to add white coloured cocoa butter and realized it was a waste of time.

To be honest Debra once i master the art of the airbrush etc then i will go down the road of white chocolate and cocoa butter, it seems to work for you, just trial and error i suppose i just find the melts at the mo straight forwards no tempering required. Only been going since January so still a novice. If you do use the melts Glenn dont slake them down with cocoa butter, theres no need,put the melts in mould in lieu of the white choc and let it set takes around 5-7 mins, then pour the flavoured chocolate in, pop in the fridge for around 40 mins, i then pop them for 5 mins in freezer, the reason i do this is the melts do not shrink as much as chocolate in the fridge. then demould as normal

Thanks for the hints. I've tried air brushing white over the transfer sheets without success, so have found the white chocolate option to be the most effective.



You cannot airbrush the chocolate-artist (Deco) sheets, but airbrushing the cake art sheets should work.  David is right in that "just do what works" and progress as experience comes.

I have done thousands of customized bonbons and I am very disappointed with Deco artists chocosheets. They need to double the spray on the sheets because the ink always saturates the spray then dries and sticks to the sheets.

I agree Debra the deco sheets are not the quality you would excpect, being as i purchased a job lot package ( never again ) reading these posts encouraged me to try chocolate world, what a difference.

David, what are the ingredients listed for your chocosheets? I am wondering who Chocolate World is using for their supplier. The cake art sheets are: water, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa butter, citric acid, bamboo fibre, soya lecithin, vanilla flavour. 


Hi Debra exactly the same ingredients, so must come from the same company these are made in Holland, loads better than the ones from Deco.There called Bobbon sheets on the box.


Can this program be used to make my own chocolate transfer sheets to be used on hard ganaches, or is it something that is strictly used with magnetic molds?  If this program doesn't have that capability, is there any other program that can do that?

These can be used just like any other transfer sheets you would buy  ie. PCB, Chef Rubber etc.  You do need to use a white backing to make your image show. If not the image gets lost in the dark chocolate.

Has anyone use gold metallic ink transfers on dark chocolate?


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