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Has anybody used the Chocolate Artist software and printer by Deco?  I have some custom applications for which this would be perfect, but I would love to know your opinions on it.  Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you!

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I'm looking for templates for my choc. molds, specifically the heart (DCRPDR9013) & the oval (11271). Other than making my own (last resort) I was hoping that someone might already have some templates that they would like to share, possibly?  

I have looked into the Chocolate Artist Software, and apparently that has been discontinued according to Chocolate World/Deco UK (plus it was ridiculously priced).  I was able to download the software but I need a USB stick to print,  perhaps someone has one that they might like to sell? 

Any help would be appreciated,




I bought my USB stick/key fob from Tomric in New York. Check to see if they any more. Alternatively you can make a template pattern in Adobe InDesign to match your molds.

Good luck!


Thanks Glenn.  I checked with Tomric and they are no longer carrying the product.  I am now in the process of downloading the InDesign program....Thanks for the help :)) Deb

It is worth it to buy the USB stick.  Deco artist also has the cake software which is free. If you download the Edible Artist software, scroll way down in the template page and you will see all the template shapes. Just make sure it matches what you need.

What a life saver you are....I've spent the last several days working on this, going crazy.  The Edible Artist software did the trick.  I had download the Chocolate Artist originally but couldn't print and the Deco software works with these saved files...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciated your advice, :))

I am using transfer sheets made with starch and sugar for chocolates, same as the one sold by Tomric.  I frequently have this problem:  The ink stays partially on the transfer sheet so I have to make new prints have to trow away a lot of material.


Does anyone have experienced this problem and if you did, did you find a solution?


Thanks!   Éric

Sounds like they are the one made by Deco chocolate artist in England.  The spray is too thin and then when you print on them the ink saturates through that thin covering on the sheet.  If you press print, the dialog box pulls up. Go into "properties", go to "colour/intensity", click "maual", then go to "brightness" and choose the "light"  (will be automatically on normal). That will help reduce the amount of ink being printed. I use these sheets when I have artwork that is very delicate.  These transfer sheets work great when they work!!  The best solution is to use the ones by "Cake Art Intl".  There is an American distributor but I find them to expensive.  I purchase from "Home Chocolate Factory" in England.   Ask for the trade discount if you are a business.  The best size to use is TS02. I find the TS01 has caused me grief in the past.  The American distributor even told me the TS02 size is a better quality product.

Thanks for all these détails Debra. I was already changing the intensity of my prints but still had problems.  I will try the one from Home Chocolate Factory. 

Dear Debra, greetings from Colombia, I read carefully this post and your valuable hints.   I was wondering if you can advice me any particular edible ink brand, I am planning to import in bulk since here inks are quite expensive.

Also which Canon model are you using,  we don´t have all the models but I will try my best and install it a Continuous ink system.

thanks in advance for any direction.

I have used several different brands from the United States. I live in Canada. I've used Icing Images, PhotoFrost, and Kopykake.  The best inks for color matching to the original canon inks is Kopykake.  The cartridges they use  are quite well made.  I use the canon mg5320. Canon is always changing their printers so I look for the new models that have the same printhead as whatever model I have. I just bought a new printer last weekend because it  (mg5320) was on sale and the price was cheaper than buying a new printhead! I have not purchased the continuous ink system but have done some research in the past for this type of technology.  I would be very curious to know how the continuous ink system works for you.

Thank you Debra!  Here many photocake and photochocolate businesses are using already the CIS system with good savings. I just order my inks from Kopyk ;)   I was wondering if you can advice me if for the tranfers on black chocolate you use a thin white cocoa butter layer on the sheet.   I saw that some chocolates are a mix of white (photo) and black, but some are 100% black, what method do you suggest?   Best regards

I always use a thin layer of white. I use white chocolate and  cocoa butter.

100 grams white chocolate and 30 grams cocoa butter is my blend. Depending on what white chocolate you use, you can make minor adjustments.

What CIS system are you using. What brand of CIS are you looking at?


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