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Has anybody used the Chocolate Artist software and printer by Deco?  I have some custom applications for which this would be perfect, but I would love to know your opinions on it.  Any help is much appreciated.


Thank you!

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Thanks!  I will make my first try immediately I receive my sheets from UK  :), on the other hand here I use CIS already in two printers, for regular ink, and there is no brand since those are from China, but for sure  price is the best way to choose. You have some that cost like $30 and some of $60, I will go for the costly one.   Here is a link with an example:        Actually, I already talked with some people using CIS (no brand) for photoprinting and not problem at all.  ;)

I've read quite a bit on this site, but not seen info that would explain how to print the logos found here:

Do you know how she has printed a logo with white that only partially cover the surface on dark chocolate? 


My guess is that it's produced by an outside vendor such as Sweet Swiss in Spokane, WA. They've made similar transfer sheets for me with white logos...and the staff there are great to work with. If you find out something different, please let me know as I'd be curious to know how, too!


I think the logo was printed with the silk screen process with colored cocoa butter.   

There are several companies that can do the customized logos. Chef Rubber, PCB from France, and several other companies.

Hi Debra, I already have my canon 4920 and CIS system,  chocosheets from HCF. But my first tries were bad. Do you directly use the TS02 on the printer? or stick it on a regular A4. An also do you select  normal paper or any other option like transfer or photopaper.   Thank you  for any direction. On my case between theory and practice there is a big gap :) 

TS02 directly on the printer. Attached are the settings that I use. If the images are sticking to the sheet (partially) then there is too much ink flow. The settings on the attachment are for any canon printer.If the ink is flowing to much then change the brightness to LIGHT.

Please can anyone help me where i can buy only the software in the United States? I already have an edible printer

I think that tomric might have the software. If not then Chocolat-chocolat in Montreal will have it. Purchasing anywhere within North America is fairly easy and straight forward. It's just as easy to order directly from Deco artist in England. Maybe even faster for shipping.


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