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I make bars at home for friends. I'm not sufficiently motivated to wrap them in foil. What are some alternatives? They don't need much shelf life as they get eaten pretty quickly. I'm mostly looking for something a bit nicer than the cellophane bags I started with, or possibly use the bag inside a box. I'd like something for 1.5 and 3oz bars. 

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Make a little sleeve out of some nice handmade paper. You can still put the bar inside the cello bag (although I'd probably do a quick foil wrap) - wrap the sleeve around and glue.

I've seen people do it with just food-safe paper (straight onto the chocolate). Also vacuum pack the bar (expensive though, and not great for filled bars where pressure of vacuum can cause problems).

you could try cello sheets.  Nashville Wraps sells them.   you can "wrap" the chocolate pretty quickly and they don't wrinkle like foil, and you can use a label to seal them up.

A roll of BOP tube and a heat sealer is super easy, and a better seal than foil.  You can also put your own sticker on it.  A lot of bars are being sealed that way today.  While it's done by machine on a huge assembly line, the premise is the same if you want to do it at home. 

What is BOP tube?

If you google it, there is a lot of information on it.


thanks.   i had googled it, but only used one "p" and got lots of weird stuff :)


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