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Chocolate Bar Packaging Options - Your experience and feedback

Hello  Everyone

I'm trying to decide on the best packaging options and wanted to get feedback in terms of price, ease of use in automated manufacturing, durability, printing issues, etc.

I'm looking to produce a 3 oz and 1.5 oz bar and I currently have the option of the typical film bar flow wrap that is mechanically sealed on both ends.

However, I really like the idea of having the bar in a plain film flow wrap but then using a cardboard box to enclose it.  My reasons are that the addition of the box looks more premium,  easier in terms of storage and shipping, more printing copy space, and for customer convenience in that the consumer can use the box to store the uneaten chocolate.

Is this too costly to do? How difficult is this to do?

Does anyone have any recommendations on suppliers and pricing? 

Thanks so much!

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Hi Eileen,

Have you had any luck finding vendors for your packaging specifications? The packaging manufacturers and distributors that I have found only do high volume, I haven't found anyone making less than tens of thousands of packaging materials at a time. I am also looking for either lightweight cardboard or heavyweight paper wrappers, as well as chipboard boxes to display the wrapped bars. If you or any other chocolate life members have any leads they would be much appreciated.




 I came across this source: that I've kept in my favorites. They seem to have a lot of useful sources for small food business, that might lead you to helpful sources. You have to dig through their links (past the constant ad for you to upgrade and buy their info.), but I recall finding info. for my own state there that I hadn't found else where.


Thanks Wendy! Will check it out.

I am also searching for eco friendly options for packaging on a smaller scale.  I am currently using paper backed foils and would like to use eco foil , or recycled paper.  I make 1 ounce bars and also hearts and soon other shapes.  How does one go about displaying the different shapes?  


Here is someone I have worked with  Very eco friendly and Paul is willing to work with realitively low minimums.


Thank you Brian,  This looks like a very good bar packaging solution. 


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