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I've been having problems with making chocolate bars, I've been tempering the chocolate in my chocovision tempering machine and then pouring it in to my bar molds than i add nuts and dried fruit. my work area stays between 65-69 degrees and i live in a desert so there isn't much humidity. but I'm still getting blooming on all my bars i haven't had one bar come out. I'm at a lose as to what i should do to fix this.

any help would be great

thank you


update: OK so i made another batch and this time i did not use any additions and i didn't use a spoon to scrape the bowl which is what i was doing before. i just poured it straight into the mold and so far it seems to be looking good no bloom yet, but now i have extra chocolate from the bowl that's been wasted because i can't touch it with anything or it will bloom, also how am i suppose to add nuts or fruit to my chocolate bars if they just keep blooming every time i do?

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