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Hi Everyone, 

Anyone care to share their process regarding batch no's displayed on packaging ?

A lot of retailers require.

Thanks in advance,


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Many ways to do lot coding.  Often times it's done julian style.  an example (stolen from the net) could look like:

Sometimes, rather than a specific day of a month, the "Julian date" or day of the year is given --for example, January 1 would be "1" and February 1 would be "32." These two illustrations by the Canned Food Alliance show how this might work:

  • Can code: 2061 (February 6, 2001); 2=month, 06=date, 1=year

  • Can code: 0195 (July 14, 2000); 0=year, 195=Julian date -- July 14th is the 195th day of the year

If you run multiple shifts, it's prudent to amend the julian code to include a shift designator (-1/2/3, -A/B/C, etc)


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