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I'm about to start a small chocolate business in Sweden and I've been looking for some nice chocolate/truffle boxes for severel month now without luck.

The thing is that I can't seem to find any company in Europe (since shipping over seas is too expensive) that excepts small orders. Since this is a start up business I don't want to order too many boxes the first time, maximum 500 pcs.

I would really appreciate some help...


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Try - love their stuff. Wish it was easier to get to North America.
Yea, I have been in contact with them and they have a lot of nice boxes. Unfortunately the minimum order is about 1000 pcs which is a bit much for me :-(
Must be a new thing - I have purchased smaller quantities from the in the remote past. Darn!

Going into the holiday season, ordering only 500 boxes may be a mistake. It may seem like a lot now, but if you are successful and it takes weeks to get the boxes once your order them ... what do you do? While 500 may seem like a huge number now, ordering 500 and running out on December 1st is far worse than buying 1000 having 100 left over on December 1st.

I know it's also a cash flow issue - does it make sense to have that much money tied up in boxes? But running out of boxes in the middle of the busiest time of year makes no sense to me. It may make more sense to find a slightly less expensive box.
I'm pretty sure this will not be a problem. I'm still working full time with my ordinary job so this business is just in small scale on my spare time. In other words I will not have time to make so many truffles that I will run out of boxes :-)
You could also check out

All the best, Ivica
I have had the same challenge being new into this business, alas I  find Keylink in the UK , looks after new business very well, a good product range and definateky cheaper than some if the other posts.
I hope this helps 
Black Mountain Gold Chocolate
Thank you very much for that! I think I've found what I need at and the samples are on their way :-)
I must say that they seem very professional and respond quickly on email. I'm a very happy person right now, hopefully I can stop looking for boxes now and focus on making chocolates instead :-)


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